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APG Europe is een Indutrade organisatie. Als gekwalificeerde verpakkingsspecialist luisteren wij naar onze klanten
en bieden wij innovatieve supply chain oplossingen en een hoogwaardige service die net een stap verder gaat.
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Ons bestaansrecht ligt in onze dienstbaarheid: wij creëren praktische totaaloplossingen voor verpakkingen en logistieke vraagstukken. Op maat gemaakt voor onze klanten. Van starters tot de gevestigde orde.

Onze technische vaardigheden stellen ons in staat om te innoveren en onze klanten te ondersteunen bij het bereiken van hun doelen.

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Al meer dan 40 jaar vertrouwen klanten op onze kwaliteit, creativiteit en toewijding.

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Als supply chain partner vervullen we een klankbordrol die uw prioriteiten vertegenwoordigt om uw concurrentievermogen en succes te waarborgen. Om zo een serviceniveau te creëren, dat u niet snel ergens anders zult vinden.

donderdag 1 oktober 2020

An update on how APG Europe deals with COVID-19 business continuity

Dear Business Partner,

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has been reported in many countries and cities around the world.

Local, national and international health authorities are actively engaged in monitoring the development of the pandemic and providing updates and recommendations to individuals and companies.

APG Europe (as part of Indutrade) and our key suppliers are still actively monitoring the situation and its impact across all the geographies where we operate intending to guarantee the safety and well-being of our employees, clients and counterparties as well as ensuring products and services to our clients.

Social Responsibility

Our mutual actions are always aligned with the latest local Government Guidelines and adjusted according to the level of threat.

In addition, we and our suppliers have issued a protocol of good norms to all the staff.

Furthermore, APG Europe have received mandatory instructions from our holding company Indutrade - in order to further reduce risk to employee health - to avoid and limit all but business critical travelling globally.

Additionally, we have adopted strict precautionary measures that will remain in place until October 30 2020 (unless authorities demand otherwise), including:

Strict monitoring of and limiting access to our warehouse for all drivers of our logistic partners and offices for customers and supplier staff

Working from home for all applicable office staff and management team, while ensuring office operations;

If someone shows symptoms of infection or flu such as cough, fever and difficulty breathing, they should refrain from going to the office or customer/supplier office/site, contact a medical professional and at all times follow instructions from government and medical professionals and agree with senior management the best cause of action 

The latest update from the Dutch Authorities from yesterday – September 28 2020 – do not impact these measures.

Likewise, from most manufacturers we received instructions that all visits to its production sites for the reason of audits or technical visits or of any other nature will be need to be strictly limited or cancelled until further notice.

Business continuity

Based on our continuous communication with all manufacturers, at present we do not expect nor anticipate any local government instructions will impact ongoing operations at our factories.

We are nevertheless keeping close track on the developments, especially on international logistics and will continue to work closely together with all our manufacturers to ensure and maintain security of supply of these materials with possible new developments.

Our inventories remain at standard level or above. Nevertheless, by anticipation of potential logistic restrictions, we uphold our recommendation that our customers assess the appropriate level of preventive inventories at their side as well.

This statement is given to the best of our knowledge and belief to date. We remain at your full disposal for further and future information.

Kind regards, APG Europe